Sunday, March 29, 2009


Didn't sleep till 3am. 
Woke up at 8:30am because my mother called.
Went  back to sleep.
Woke up at 10am to go to Off Target practice, i thought i was late but i was the first person there.
Practiced till 11:30am and worked on new songs.
Talked about where we want to record our demo.
Left and realized i had no gas.   
Put $20.00 in my tank at $2.21/gal. only got about 8 or so gallons. 
Went home, changed, did my hair, brushed my teeth, left for work at 1pm.
Got to work, sold about 3-4 ECP's, and an insole. YAY
helped people get what they needed and more, accomplished my daily goals in shoes and ECP's.
Texted Aubrey during work.
Had lunch at Del Taco, or ocat led.
Had a number 12?
It was goood.
Continued working.
Made my manager laugh and say good job.
Had a little kid ask what im doing 10-16 times.
The kid stole a zip tie.
Sold shoes to an indian guy who's leaving for India tomorrow.
Finished work.
Texted my love.
Drove home.
My parents are back from the river.
Im going to the river with aubrey and my parents next weekend!
Have to find someone to cover my saturday shift.
Realized my back left tire has two big cuts on the outside of it.
I want it to be PAYDAY already.
I Really Really Really Really missed Aubrey today.   =(
and now i get to go and talk to her so peacceeee.....

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