Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Star

To my Little Flower,
When I look at you I don't just see a beautiful girl, I see MY angel.   The Light that I never thought would shine down on me.   Your eyes look at me full of love, and care, and hope.   I look at you, and see a true gift from god. An Angel. A Hero. My Hero. A Hero who saved me from the average joe lifestyle.   You give me confidence and strength.   You make me feel so complete and unbelievably happy, all of the time.   You guide me towards the light I have always dreamed of.   Love and Happiness are just two of many dreams i've always wanted in someone.   Thank God its YOU!   I honestly couldn't have asked for more. You care for me as much as i care for you.   Even though you may say you love me more, which isn't true btw =D   
I love you more.  <3   

Every moment, every second I spend with you, I never want it to end.   I feel like trapping us in a snow globe or some type of enclosure, where there is no escape.   Where we can be alone and together 100% of the time.   Making my time with you last forever and making you happy is one of my main goals in life.   I never want to go somewhere or miss the chance of having you be with me.   You are my perfect EVERYTHING!   No matter what you say, YOU ARE the most beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent woman I have ever met.   It truly is an awesome feeling knowing that I can give you my heart and my world.   I really am the luckiest man in the world.   At the age 19, I have found my one true soulmate.   My Angel, My Light, My Shooting Star, My Love, My Strength, My Pleasure, My Courage, My complete understanding of wanting to spend the rest of my life with someone special FOREVER.   The best thing is, her name is Aubrey Lauren Jakob, and she loves me as much as I love her.    
She's MINE. 
She truly made me become a man.

Nov. 8th 2008
was the start of my life.

A little poem i wrote before i went to bed last night.

My Shooting Star,
My Guiding Light,
My True Soulmate,
I Say Goodnight.

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  1. My sun, light & moon,

    I love you more than everything in this galaxy.
    You're my universe, my everything.
    I'm yours forever. <3